“TheCeļotājs” –
Liepāja Russian Tsar’s Fortifications
Liepaja Fortifications Introduction 
Are you looking for something that is different unusual or extra unordinary then why not plan an excursion of Liepāja, then why you are in Liepāja you can explore the Liepāja Remnants of the Russian Tsar's Fortifications its Tunnels and Power Bunkers, before doing so, you may want to consider getting a local guide before taking a excursion of and exploring these Fortifications and their Tunnels and Bunkers, where you can go from one bunker to another while being underground. There are 10 different fortifications located around Liepāja to explore along with tunnels and 3 former Russian Tsar’s Fortifications Ammunition Powder Magazine Bunkers. Some of these are Costal Fortifications while others are Inter Fortifications. The Russian Tsar’s Fortifications Ammunition Powder Magazine Bunkers are located in out of the way places and are not general tour attractions for the general public. 
"TheCeļotājs" through these pages will take you to and through these former Liepāja Fortifications, Tunnels and Powder Bunkers. Some of these fortifications are located along the coast while others are inter fortifications and one has to walk through the brush or high grass to get to them, but no matter which, they are well worth exploring. 
One can go back in time and experience what the Tsar's troops experiences by exploring the interior of a majority of these fortifications bunkers and tunnels. Two of the fortifications have tunnels connecting the bunkers. Exploring these tunnels can be quite dangerous without a local guide for there are no light in these tunnels. But besides this, they are worth exploring. 
One has to remember, that these fortifications and tunnels do not have any light in them. Once one enter the tunnel, and go very far one will become in total darkness and can very easy become lost. This is the reason why if one wants to explore any of these tunnels, it is recommended that one only do so with a local guide and have the correct equipment before doing so. Again remember once you enter these tunnels and go very deep your mobile phone will no longer work. Besides this, they are well worth exploring.
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