“TheCeļotājs” –
Liepāja Russian Tsar’s Fortifications

Fortification Ruins in The Green Grove 
Lat: N56.54576, Lon: E021.08051
Grīzupes iela 37,
The Russian Tsar’s Fortification Ruins in The Green Grove is located at Grīzupes iela 37, and is a monument to Russian General who was killed during the first part of World War II. 
During the battle of Liepāja in 1941, this bunker served as headquarters of the commander of the 67th Infantry Division, Soviet General Major N.A. Dedaeva. He fell here on 25 June 1941. A part of the bunker today is now used as a memorial to the fallen commander.
Soviet General Major N.A. Dedaeva "7.11.1897-25.6.1941", is buried in the Russian War Cemetery located in Liepāja, Latvia in an individual grave.
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