“TheCeļotājs” –
Liepāja Russian Tsar’s Fortifications

Battery No. 6 "Central" Fortifications 
Lat: N56.51261, Lon: E020.99289
Zvejnieku iela 2/4,
The Russian Tsar’s Battery No. 6 "Central" Fortifications was a set of coastal fortifications located at  Zvejnieku iela 2/4, and are now located on private property, but can be gotten to by going through the woods from Zvejnieku iela. These bunkers are intact, but some of the entrances are bricked up while others have a iron gate blocking the entrances. This was done during the Soviet Union era. The underground entrances are also blocked up. The gun emplacements on the left half have been filled in. The gun emplacements on the right half between each bunker still have the concrete mounts still intact.
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