“TheCeļotājs” –
Liepāja Russian Tsar’s Fortifications

Battery No. 1 Fortifications Tunnels
See Safety Information  
Jātnieku iela 25,
Battery No. 1 Fortifications Tunnels is a set of tunnels that run underground between one battery to another one. These tunnels are a favorite excursion of not only locates, but visitors to Liepāja. It is not recommend that one not explore these tunnels with out a local guide.
One has to remember, that these fortifications and tunnels do not have any light in them. Once one enter the tunnel, and go very far one will become in total darkness and can very easy become lost. This is the reason why if one wants to explore any of these tunnels, it is recommended that one only do so with a local guide and have the correct equipment before doing so. Again remember once you enter these fortifications and tunnels and go very deep your mobile phone will no longer work. Besides this, they are well worth exploring.
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